“What Gets measured - Gets Improved”

Vendor Management

Our team of Professionals ensure – Goal oriented – customer-centric deliverables are mapped and matched well.

We promise what we can deliver and ensure that the promises are met without exception

Vendors are evaluated periodically on their KPIs to ensure the constant maintenance of standards and Quality Assurance throughout the value chain


We have a diverse supplier base spread across the globe – different factories which specialize in different product lines.

We select factories after due diligence based on strict parameters to ensure all compliances and best business practices are adhered to.

Our strength lies in choosing the factory which is right fit for you – which will be best able to cater to all your needs, will work diligently to fulfill all your requirements, and you can trust them to deliver the finished product to you as envisioned ON-TIME EVERYTIME.

Rigorous selection process and periodic evaluation ensure that we have a lineup of reliable vendors who keep the process and procedure impeccable all round.

We have a robust Vendor network in the major textile bases of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and South East Asia.





Our dedicated team conducts In-line and Offline Inspections during production ensuring that the goods produced are of impeccable quality.


We have a concrete approach to handle every aspect of the supply chain from idea to completion.

We execute pioneering methodologies and programs to assist our customers meet quality needs, industry standards and local necessities, whether it is coordinating quick-response production or overseeing compliance at the factory level.

Our dedicated team conducts In-Line and Off-Line Inspections during production ensuring that the goods produced are of impeccable quality. Our supervisions ensure better streaming of work process and guarantees customer satisfaction.


We Partner with all accredited Inspection Companies round the globe for standardized and quality inspections.

We conduct regular audits and assessments to avoid risk and to ensure our supply network adheres to all compliances.

Independent Third party Audits are conducted by accredited audit firms to ensure quality delivery